Meet the Team

Experienced staff willing to help you

Our dedicated team has been in the RO community for a long time now. Each member has a wide range of skills and will be more than willing to help you out with your server. Don't hesitate to ask for help via the Live Chat or send us a ticket.


Vince is the owner of RagnaHosting Networks and he has been around from the very beginning. He will answer any questions you have for the hosting services and your server setup. His priority is to ease as much as possible the administration of your server.

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Nana provides a lot of support to RagnaHosting's customers on the Live Chat and the tickets. She also helps ensure that the quality of our services is always as best as possible by finding out new areas to improve. Her suggestions and knowledge are a huge help for our on-going projects.

rAthena and Hercules name : nanakiwurtz


Tokei creates third-party tools used for RagnaShield's deployment. His interest is mostly client-side related.

rAthena and Hercules name : Tokei


Rhuan helps with the creation of PHP related pages. He's responsible for maintaining the client patcher service and adding functionalities to the client area.