May 27th LA Ragnarok Downtime (Resolved)

Hello RagnaHosting Customers,As most of you may have already noticed, our LA server has been down for about 24 hours now. I've had enough of this downtime, and can no longer tolerate any more of this. So I've made the decision to change our providers once and for all. For those who want a detailed and technical explanation about what happened, ... Read More »

May 7th Regarding my recent lack of activity

Hello RagnaHosting Customers,As most of you may have already noticed, I've been extremely unavailable in the past week. I would've preferred to just go through it without letting anyone know but I think it's better if I keep you all informed. I have been busy with the upcoming May 09 elections, as a member of my family is running for public ... Read More »

Mar 25th Scheduled Server Maintenance

Hello RagnaHosting customers,We will have a server maintenance tomorrow starting at 09:00 GMT +8. This is to expand our RAID array, as well as do routine maintenance on our server (which now has 108 days of uptime). The maintenance is expected to last at least 4 hours, as all the data will have to be moved manually from the old array, and ... Read More »

Dec 28th KVM Offline

Hello RagnaHosting customers,We are migrating all of our KVM related users into the new OpenVZ datacenter.Your server will be offline while the migration process is still on going.The server data and SQL database will be migrated as well, so there will be no data loss.After your server has been sucessfully migrated, you will receive an email from ... Read More »

Dec 14th KVM Downtime

Hello RagnaHosting Customers,We are aware of the issue that we're facing with our KVM instances. For those of you who are affected, please be patient as we are working on it.However, we truly understand that this is frustrating, dealing with this almost monthly. So we're giving everyone an option. We could transfer your Ragnarok Server onto ... Read More »

Sep 28th Client Generator

We have released a new tool for you. It's called "Client Generator", so if you want to fine tune your own client.exe with the diff you want, now you can do it with this new button!After you specify the diffs you want, click the Submit button, your new client will be generated and uploaded to your Webhosting inside the "ClientRebuild" folder.There ... Read More »

Jun 29th Reinstall Button

Hello, the orange 'Reinstall Button' behavior has been rewritten, this button can be found on your Account Page.Now you can reinstall your server without waiting for staff intervention :)You can choose to reinstall the following options: - Emulator- Server Type- Client Version- Include noVNC- Enable Debugging- Control Panel   Please be aware ... Read More »